Lyras' Technology

Casting new light on pasteurization

The natural anti-bacterial properties of UV-light has been known for more than 100 years and is widely used to disinfect drinking water.
Lyras’ cold pasteurization technology uses low-pressure germicidal lamps to generate this disinfecting light. UV-lamps do however omit other parts of the light spectrum which oxidizes the product and lowers the quality. As the first of its kind, Lyras’ new and patented system has integrated light filters, which remove these unnecessary and damaging wavelengths.

The light filter only allows for the desired wavelengths to pass through, which inactivates spores and bacteria in the processed liquid on a whole new level, as the unique design geometry creates a turbulent flow that exposes the entire volume of the liquid.
In short, you have a system that can treat any non-see-through liquid, e.g. milk, juice and soda.

Curiosity led to the invention.
The positive impact on our climate and higher product quality led me to pursue the business.

Rasmus Mortensen, CEO & FOUNDER