Features of our systems

All our systems achieve unprecedented energy efficiency reducing consumption by more than 90% compared to conventional thermal pasteurization. This drastic decrease is achieved when replacing your old processing equipment from the heating and cooling era with equipment from the modern UV-light era. Furthermore, our systems allow for a drastic decrease in the surrounding infrastructure required by conventional pasteurization systems as the product only needs to pass through one system and as no steam or water is required for heating and cooling.

All our equipment is plug and play solutions that are scalable to fit your capacity needs, all our solutions are customized to meet your needs and industry specifications.


Highly opaque liquids with low UV-transmittance that requires our light filter technology.

CPS system


The Low Transparency UV- system, is based on the same principles as the CPS, however without applying the light filter technology.

LTUV cold pasteurization machine


For treatment of transparent liquids with a low to high UV-transmittance.


Are you interested in knowing if your production can also be simplified by our solutions?
Or are you interested in having us come by with our testing unit and do a trial run on your product, so that you can see the results from your own production and will be able to run your own analysis? Then let us know and we will arrange a test.

Cold Pasteurization System


Light filters which make it possible to treat more light sensitive
liquids like milk, beer and wine.

  • Suited for large scale production
  • Suitable for large flows
  • Highly flexible capacity from 3000 liters per hour

In short, all the products you can think of and all products that are normally sensitive to light. 

Our Cold Pasteurization System, CPS, is our modular non-thermal pasteurization system that is developed for any and all products, it is especially gentle and will therefore do-little harm to even the most light sensitive products. The CPS has been developed with the purpose of replacing conventional thermal pasteurization by applying UV-light to process liquids simply and energy efficiently. With the CPS it is possible to treat any non-see through liquid, e.g. milk. When passing the medium through our system, the UV-light inactivates only the unwanted microorganisms due to our targeted light filters. This non-thermal UV treatment assures a greater level of proteins and vitamins being preserved in the finished product as well as an extended self-life.

Mediums that can be treated with the CPS :
Milk      Juice
Soda    Wine

The LTUV System

FEATURES OF THE ltuv system

The Low Transparency UV- system, is based on the same principles as the CPS, however without applying the light filter technology.

  • Scalable capacity with 500-2200 liters per hour per module
  • Suitable for small scale production
Mediums that can be treated with the LTUV :
Non-food liquids

The TAP System


Our TAP system is developed for more transparent liquids that demands a less complex UV-treatment process and for this reason the TAP system has a different construction than both the CPS and the LTUV systems.

  • Scalable capacity with upto 12.000 liters per hour per module 
  • Can treat transparent liquids from UVT10 1% 
  • Suitable for large flows
Mediums that can be treated with the TAP :

Tap water
Fizzy drinks
Process water
Salt water (brine)