Meet Louis

Our product

Louis, our modular non-thermal pasteurization system, has been developed to replace conventional thermal pasteurization by using UV-light to process liquids foods simply and energy efficiently. Louis differentiates itself from other solutions on the market, as the design achieves unprecedented energy efficiency, while allowing for a drastic decrease in the surrounding piping infrastructure required by conventional pasteurization systems.

In extension of this, the Louis system not only achieves an optimal kill rate of bacteria, but in the case of some liquid foods containing spores, also inactivates these, while increasing product shelf life and preserving proteins and vitamins to a greater extent than with conventional processing.

Louis has a scalable capacity and we provide customer tailored solutions to meet your specific capacity needs.

The system is compact and easy to implement, as it only requires an electrical connection and piping for product in- and output.

System maintenance is minimal, as Louis is largely self-disinfectant by design. Louis is CIP compatible and its capabilities allows for faster and decreased cleaning, resulting in a greater up-time than is available through conventional thermal pasteurization solutions available from other providers.

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