About Lyras

The origin and development

Lyras is a Danish company located in Northern Jutland and was founded in July 2017. The research behind the cold pasteurization technology, which gave birth to Lyras, is the result of years of rigorous research and development. The development of our cold pasteurization technology is built on evidence-based research and extensive consultation with a range of stakeholders – dairy and juice industry, academia, public health experts and engineers.

Our Vision & Mission


  • To be the leading supplier of innovative, green tech solutions, by driving the change for sustainable food processing


  • Bringing cold pasteurization solutions to the dairies of the world

Towards a Better Future

Our effort towards reducing the global co2 emission

At Lyras, we value the environment and work towards a sustainable future. Through our state of the art technology, we aim to have a significant impact on the global carbon footprint.

The Future of Pasteurization

Energy Efficient and Time Saving

We present our novel patented technology, cold pasteurization. Cold pasteurization removes all the drawbacks of conventional pasteurization while eradicating bacteria and reducing energy consumption by more than 90%.

energy consumption
by more than


The Past

Conventional pasteurization methods

For the last 150 years, pasteurization has saved millions of lives by heating liquid foods and thereby eradicating the bacteria within. This allowed for the preservation of easily corruptible foods like dairy products. Though revolutionary, pasteurization is not without drawbacks. It is a time-consuming process, it lowers the product quality and consumes vast amounts of energy.