Cold Pasteurization Solutions

Setting new standards for energy efficiency, sustainability and product quality with UV-light pasteurization

Introducing the Future of Pasteurization

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Lyras uses energy efficiently

Energy Efficient

Reducing energy consumption by more than 90%, cold pasteurization is both cheaper to operate and more sustainable than conventional pasteurization.  

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Graphic element explaining longer shelf life

Extended Shelf Life

Cold pasteurization has a high bacterial kill rate and offers an effective treatment of spores, ensuring an extended shelf life.  

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Graphic element explaining quality of product.

Higher Quality

Cold pasteurization ensures a much gentler treatment, preserving a higher level of vitamins and proteins in the product, as well as retaining the natural taste.

From conventional thermal pasteurization
to cutting-edge cold pasteurization

We provide our innovative cold pasteurization solutions for the liquid food processing industry – A new revolutionary and cost-efficient technology, which reduces energy consumption, achieves excellent product quality and cuts operational costs overnight.

Lyras' units in operation
Lyras working together on system